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Culturally Sensitive Intervention to Improve Retention in HIV Care for Latino MSM

While early receipt of and adherence to antiretroviral therapy are critical for effective HIV treatment, engagement with and retention in HIV care are essential first steps. Retention in HIV care is particularly important for traditionally disadvantaged groups, such as Latino MSMs, who are over-represented in the HIV epidemic. HIV+ Latino MSM therefore urgently need interventions to improve their retention in HIV care, which may be affected by a number of culture-specific factors. The goal of this proposal is to culturally adapt and tailor an existing, theory-based intervention, using state-of-the-art methods designed to maximize cultural sensitivity, feasibility and acceptability to HIV+ Latino MSM, and to test it in a small randomized controlled trial (n=30 intervention; n=30 control). The study will be conducted among HIV+ Latino MSM who have scheduled at least one visit in the prior year at AltaMed, the largest provider of HIV medical services for Latinos in Los Angeles. The proposed intervention is designed to retain participants in HIV care by addressing barriers to and facilitators of HIV care salient to Latinos, using group-based as well as one-on-one, peer-based learning approaches.