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Gay Travel: Following in the Footsteps of Moses in Egypt

It was a shame to break a commandment on the way up the mountain where Moses received the Ten Commandments, but at least it was only one of the revised orders my tour group had composed the night before.

“Thou shalt not wear socks and sandals,” had been the first idea from my end of the table. But I really did need to wear socks with sandals on our hike up the Steps of Repentance on Mount Sinai – to keep the small stones out of my all-purpose travel footwear.

Our Intrepid Travel group on tour through Egypt had already formed a tribe. We had spent the day before at the basic, clean and tasteful Sawa Beach camp on the Red Sea, half an hour north of Nuweiba, chilling out and bonding. The men played volleyball, women walked along the beach and talked about relationships, yoga and family. We each had a simple palm hut with balcony and hammock. It was bliss after our action-packed itinerary, offering a much-needed “day off”.

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